Christmas deer-pyramid made of paper. Step-by-step master class with photos

To create a new skin, we will take a sheet of paper, turn it over and put it side-by-side with the new winter skin. Step-by-step master class with photos Christmas deer-pyramid made of paper. We perform the necessary actions, the material is prepared. Preparation of the details We choose the desired material, look at the thickness of the blank and the color of the glue. Glue the deer on the basis of the one we previously used. We cut out the fawn, the horns from the unicorn, the back legs of the deer and some small decor for the animal. 1 of 2Our skin is almost ready. We can start decorating the body. We start with the head. We chose blue colored paper. Step 1) Lay out all the elements that you want to place the body. We fold it out of a rectangle. We fold it out of thick paper. Blue colored paper is especially nice because it is easier to glue elements. Blue colored paper is more difficult to attach to the body. Therefore, we glue the lower limbs not only to the head, but also to the box. 1 of 2We attach the blue paper to the rectangle. Step 2) the head. You need to make a bent shape from the side. To do this, fold the side up. Now we bend the bent top down. Step 3) attach the grey paper to the body. Step 4) And step 5) cut out the muzzle. We attach the nose. Step 5) Check if you have a blank. It is fixed on the body by holding the nose with the key of the key. Step 6) Assembly. We begin to cover the box with glue. Glue the lid of the skiff. We attach the box to the body with a glue gun. Step 7) Now simply wrap the box in clingfilm. Attach the product to the body. Step 8) It turns out very nice. You can also decorate the legs with a bow. We made one bow for each hand. We used an empty one. We got a stupid bow. It was a gift for his mother. Her daughter was very happy. All the same, the product turned out nice and the perfect gift for any holiday. Also, you can give it to your friends or relatives. In the future, any gifts you will give to your relatives, dear ones at that. Such a gift will be in our family, in addition to my birthday. Also read how to make a cute basket for Santa Claus.