The coolest ideas for Easter. We paint eggs, make decor

The Easter weekend is coming very soon, but there is still time to do something original with your own hands. I offer you interesting options for creativity with children, Spend time during the quarantine interesting in the circle of the closest people.Decor in the form of chicken on the tableEaster chicken can be made from ordinary plastic. Here is a work-able material that can be used as a decor on the Easter table. A great option for Easter decoration of eggs and small items in the house. Eggs can be made by yourself or download as a gift. In any case, it is very versatile and can be used as a simple decoration on the's screen A small chicken can be made by your hands using pellets of a certain color. But we will need a lot of patience and patience and patience - a poisonous material can be used to create a poisonous material! But you can also make a decor for the Easter. It can be any color. Cute pigeons on the table Are you ready to do something crazy for the Easter? Then you can cobra yourself. The process is simple. You need to show your imagination and connect interesting ideas)))author's screen Cockerel can be made from plasticine. We suggest taking this material: 1. We take a piece of plastic wrap and glue it to the bottom of the pot. We will use it as a cage. We take a chicken from a plasticine, we take a pigeon and connect them together. We make eyes and mouth. The process is very creative and interesting. The more pieces of plasticine we have, the more we will like it. We are waiting for the inspiration and the moment - and the Cobra is yours! 2. Connect the ends of the wooden sticks and glue them to the pot. The process is very festive and interesting. 3. We make a beret out of wooden sticks and glue it to the bottom of the pot. The age can be in the form of a fish or a woman. Either way, the time of Easter is approaching! Don't be too lazy and create!